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Moke's Tasty Kitchen was officially started in January of year 2000. The launching of Moke's Tasty Kicthen was driven by the owner's passion for cooking, something she had been pursuing from a very tender age. Initially, cooking was just a passion until the news of her cooking became the talk of the town through friends and family members, literally! Those who had tasted her cooking felt she was wasting her talents and encouraged her to open up a restaurant.  It was something they already knew she would be very successful doing!

Though Moke had the desire to someday open up a restaurant, her desire to pursue and finish up her degree program in the University took preminence over the business because she knew that a degree in Business Management would provide her the tools she needed to run her business successfully. In addition, Moke understood that starting up a business required a lot of money which she could not afford at the time. Rather than sit and wait until the entire capital became available, Moke started cooking right in the comfort of her home for her clients who did not mind picking up after she was done. Through doing this from home and seeing how successful she was becoming, Moke decided to take advantage of social media to publicize her business/brand. So far, the business has a lot of loyal clients who through their level of satisfaction, have been referring more and clients to us on a regular basis.


About Us:

Moke's Tasty Kitchen was founded to deliver the based home made Nigerian food to the residents in Houston Texas. Moke understands that they are Bachelors who may not know how to cook and as a result, would prefer to order home made food that could last them for a while. Also, Moke also understands that there are potential clients who due to their busy schedules, may not have the time to cook. This is the reason why we are here to serve you and anyone else who desires to have a taste of our delicious home made meals at any point in time. We are here to provide you the best possible service and hope that through your positive experience with us, you will also help us spread the news to your friends and loved ones.


Our Future:

Moke's Tasty Kitchen is barely 3 months old and so far, does not have a business location where clients can stop by to have their meals. We still operate from home and all orders are taken online or over the phone. Our customers can choose to pick up from our location or can have their orders delivered for a small fee. Moke's Tasty Kitchen looks forward to opening up an official restaurant  in the near future. Moke is a brand that have come to stay and our goal is to become a franchise which will eventaully spread accross the 50 States of the United States. If we can have McDonalds, KFC Chicken, Burger King and all other fast foof restaurants across the United States, we too can have a restaurant that will serve all Africans and anyone who is adventrous enough to want to explore our culture.


As part of goal to establish a restaurant in the near future, Moke's Tasty Kitchen has established a go fund me account to help bring our dream of opening up a restaurant to reality. We appreciate all of your support and look for forward to your continued business with us!

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